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Role: Lead Designer at Ancient Wisdom Productions

Client: Cornell University

Project: Logo Design

As digital technologies evolve, Cornell University has strengthened its brand foundation to better function within an increasingly versatile communication landscape.

The Cornell Computing and Information Science (Cornell CIS) sought out AWP to design a logo for BOOM (Bits on Our Minds), the premier annual showcase for Cornell CIS and Engineering student projects in cutting-edge digital technology.

As Lead Designer at AWP, I worked with department stakeholders and our Project Manager to create a unique, recognizable identity that would flourish within the existing Cornell CIS brand landscape.

During the discovery phase, CIS members communicated the desire for a modern, kinetic logo that evoked a feeling of network connectivity and cutting-edge technology. They provided a few examples of inside jokes within the community to tie in, such as binary code. I incorporated this direction throughout my rapid concepting sketches, providing three main colorways that inspired a sense of innovation.

The Winning Design

The CIS stakeholders ultimately decided upon a clean, modern, geometric design in their classic brand colors. It communicates the spirit of innovation and connectivity, while staying true to departmental values.

The Insider Award

Although the majority vote went a more classic route for the final logo, the team also became quite attached to a tongue-in-cheek design, in which I spelled out the BOOM acronym using binary code. They decided to purchase this design as a secondary logo, implemented in a colorway that stood out from the classic departmental aesthetic, for internal use on promotional swag and apparel. It was a win-win!