Role: Lead Designer at Ancient Wisdom Productions

Client: Downtown Ithaca Alliance

Project: Website Design

During my time as the Lead Designer at Ancient Wisdom Productions, I redesigned the website for the Downtown Ithaca Alliance - the not-for-profit organization charged with the revitalization, development, promotion, and management of downtown Ithaca. In addition to implementing the DIA’s brand conventions throughout the new design, I also created original graphics, curated photography, and edited video featured across the site.

Our primary technical objectives were to rebuild on a new CMS, and to integrate a 3rd party CRM the Downtown Ithaca Alliance uses to manage their constituents. We also included a business directory and events calendar to make the website a more effective tool for tourists (and locals!) looking to get out and explore downtown.

The new website instantly conveys the vibrancy of our downtown culture and, via user-centered design, acts as useful resource for tourists, residents, our college communities, and downtown businesses alike.

In addition, the new site provides information and resources that the DIA needs to make available to local business owners. Working with AWP’s expert team ensured the new DIA website is beautiful, functional, easy to manage, and able to create impact for their organization, and for downtown Ithaca at large.