My skills and experience range from product design for high-end home décor, to graphic design for broadcast television, to elegant logo design and brand development, to hand-painting and illustration. I work with a range of businesses including start-ups, established brands, and independent partners around the country. I have expert skills in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and am proficient in Rhino 3D Modeling. I have a natural eye for visual art and design and the technical skills to carry your vision from concept drafting to finished products, whether it be for print, web, or retail.

I believe in mindfulness, in beauty, in wonder, in awe.  I believe in cultivating a world in which I am overjoyed to live, in curating a lifestyle full of beauty and laughter and presence of mind.  I believe the aesthetics of our environment influence our drive, our productivity, and our state of being, and I consider nesting to be an art form.  I am interested in observing the many facets of being, in capturing and highlighting the many manners of self-expression, and in utilizing my passion for art and design to produce a harmony of existence, in all things great and small. 


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Email me with inquiries at Ccbeglin1020@gmail.com

Mobile: (914) 584-6617

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